Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My current shoe obsession - Toms

The other day I had a sore back due to pilates (it's put me off for life) and stupidly wore boots that had a heel.
About halfway through they day I was in so much pain I had to go to Office and get a pair of sensible shoes. I had been thinking about getting a pair of Toms for a while because they have great ethics, if you didn't know, for every pair of Toms that gets bought, a pair is given to a child in need.
When I went into Office they had so many gorgeous pairs, including a white pair with flowers on, but I was strong and told myself if I was buying a pair of shoes they had to be sensible plain black ones, so I got the ones pictured above.

The shoes are £34.99, which seems pretty expensive for a canvas shoe, but technically you are getting two pairs of shoes for that price, and you can feel nice and smug about doing something good.

I have literally been wearing these shoes non stop since buying them. 
They look very cute on and they are so ridiculously comfortable! My mum tried them on after I got them and was so impressed with how comfortable they are too, and she's pretty picky. She is the same shoe size as me so if they go missing, I'm pretty sure I will know where to find them.
The sole feels slightly padded and it is a lot thicker then normal cloth/ballet pump shoes so you don't get the impact of the bare ground when you walk.
Although these aren't the most practical of shoes in the rain, the thicker sole and stiff material means that your feet won't get as wet as they would in other cloth shoes, they are also very fitted to your feet so no chance of the water getting in through the sides.

Definitely a shoe I would recommend, and I will be buying more pairs of these.
A small word of warning though, if you are buying these either try them on or get the size up, they come up quite small and where they are form fitting they may not fit people with wide feet.

I am currently eyeing up this pair....  

They have some nice wool lined ones for the winter too.

I really need to get off the Toms website now. There are 5 pairs in my imaginary shopping basket. 


  1. I look at Toms a lot, but they are so expensive I just can't justify it!

    1. If it helps, the only shoes I own that are more comfortable are my uggs. They are so worth it.

  2. So cute! I love the ethics behind them too :)

    1. I know, I can now shoe shop guilt free! x