Sunday, 7 October 2012

Fire and Stone, Spitalfields

So on Friday night me and my friend Rachel went to Fire and Stone in Spitalfields.
If you haven't heard of it before, it is a restaurant that does gourmet pizza, it takes inspiration from around the world to create its pizzas. Definitely worth checking out the menu, even if some of them you wouldn't touch with a barge pole.

Let's start with the drinks, because everyone likes a good cocktail.

A Raspberry Mojito and a Long Island Ice Tea. 

Lychee Martini

Mai Tai

So as you can see, the cocktails where very average. 
The only one I thought was a bit special was the lychee martini, which was very nice, but it had a lychee popped in for decoration which took some of the elegance away from the cocktail. It looked like a slimy eye just sitting there at the bottom of the glass. I did attempt to eat it as I normally love lychees, but it was quite bitter which was very unusual.
The other cocktails where quite murky and disappointing, the Mai Tai looked like a beer, and the Long Island Ice Tea looked like a vodka and coke, which according to Rachel is exactly what it tasted like too. My Raspberry Mojito was also too sour, it definitely needed a bit more sugar.
Very underwhelmed with the drinks, and definitely not worth the £6.95 price tag.

Now you don't really go to a restaurant for cocktails so lets move onto the food.

Rachel had the Hong Kong, which consists of Chinese five spiced pulled pork ribs, shaved fennel, spring onions, coriander and hoi sin dressing. 
It looks delicious, and I think Rachel enjoyed it quite a lot. 

I had the Florence, which has pepperoni, crude ham, mozzarella, tomato sauce, sun dried tomatoes, basil pesto and olives, essentially all my favourite things on a pizza.
It did make for a very tasty pizza, and I did enjoy it, I think it could have done with a bit more sauce though because it was a little on the dry side, either that or have a dipping sauce for the crusts.
The main issue I had with my pizza, and I think Rachel had the same issue, is the base.
It was very chewy and quite doughy, which made it taste very dry and probably the reason I wanted more sauce. It also had a lot of powder/flour on the bottom of the pizza that stuck to your fingers and went everywhere. It also did nothing for the pizza and was quite gritty in texture, not pleasant. 

This was all the left over powder on the bottom of Rachel's pizza. There was enough for us to make a lovely smiley face. 

One thing I really have to comment on is the customer service. It was excellent. Our server was lovely and attentive, introducing her self as we came in, asking us what part of the restaurant we would like to be seated in, asking us regularly if we needed more food/drinks without over doing it and just generally being a lovely polite server.
The service is quick as well, the food came out shortly after we ordered and the wait for drinks wasn't bad either. I have been in some restaurants where you wait so long for your drink you've already finished your main before you get it.

The pizzas are around £10 each, and they are quite light, not really for sharing. I think the food is fairly priced and quite tasty despite it's issues. I wouldn't recommend the drinks though, there is a b@1 bar around the corner and they are brilliant for cocktails, my suggestion would be to go there first during happy hour where its 2 cocktails for £9, then head over to Fire and Stone for some delicious pizza to help absorb the booze you've just consumed. 


  1. good and honest review. That pizza was delish but the powdery base did get really annoying x

    1. I'm glad you found it good and honest seeing as you where there haha. Decided you are now my restaurant buddy btw! x