Wednesday, 3 October 2012

This months Knit Today is out

Knit Today came out a week ago and I thought I would tell you because it is my favourite knitting magazine.
It's the Christmas edition so the freebie that comes with it this month is a booklet of 50 Christmas Knits, there is a great bunting pattern in there which I will definitely have a go at. My only gripe with the freebie is it has crotchet patterns in there, I can't crochet which is why I bought a knitting magazine and not a crochet one.

Knit Today is my favourite because the patterns are very easy to read, and often aren't too complicated, and they have a lot of lovely knitting features, such as looking at new yarns on the market, visiting different shops, interviews with famous knitters, great question and answer sections and looking at different knitting groups.

And seriously, a magazine that has a pattern for a Rudolph children onesie is definitely full of win. 


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