Sunday, 7 October 2012

Hungover Sunday

So on Saturday I hosted a dinner party, which resorted as always in one too many glasses of wine. I felt pretty sorry for myself on Sunday morning so me and my boyfriend decided to sort ourselves out by having a proper breakfast. As well as French Toast and some sausages, we also made Breakfast Cups, a recipe that I got from one of my all time favourite websites, Domestic Sluttery.

So they are a little cup formed from a piece of bread with some bacon on top and a egg, very easy to make. 
They did make for a pretty looking breakfast when we was feeling far from pretty. They tasted great too. 
The egg was baked, which I have never had before, to me they tasted more like fried eggs, which is my least favourite type, also the yolk wasn't runny, which is more my fault for overcooking it, so definitely need to remember that for next time.

A bit later I still was feeling a bit rough, so I turned to my most trusted hangover cure and that is a some salted popcorn and a full fat Coke.
I think the salt helps get rid of any nausea you may be feeling, but its also very gentle to eat so not going to upset your stomach or make you feel worse and the coke is full of sugar to give me enough energy to get myself in the shower, which always makes you feel better.

Hopefully I won't have to talk about hangovers any time soon because I am going to steer clear of drink for a while, I just can't deal with the hangovers anymore and end up wasting so many time!
No doubt I will slip off the wagon at some point, so if I do any more hangover recommendations?


  1. ooh that eggy thing looks amazing, I'm gonna make seany cook it for me! x

    1. Yea it was like a posh egg and bacon sandwich lol. You went to chef school, you should cook it! x

  2. salted popcorn is the best thing ever when you're feeling ropey.
    i'm new to blogging too so i thought i'd show you some support, and i'm now you're newest follower.
    i hope you'll pop over and say hi, its always lovely to talk to someone in the same boat :)
    hope to speak
    laura x

    1. I am a huge salted popcorn fan!
      Thank you, I am now following your blog too, I love the background, looks like you are doing way better then I am though, well done its a lovely blog. x