Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Book Review - A Vicky Hill Exclusive

Let me start off by saying, I have always had great success when buying 99p books from the Amazon Kindle sales. This was my first failure.
The book is about a girl, Vicky Hill, who is living in the very rural town of Gipping, where the biggest scandal is that Mrs Peters got caught cheating on the bingo, that is until Vicky stumbles upon a death that happens to be suspicious.
I love a good old murder mystery, give me a bit of Agatha Christie any day, but sorry Hannah Dennison, you are no Christie.

I mentioned the world stumbled earlier, I feel like that is exactly how this mystery gets solved, Vicky literally stumbles from clue to clue as she always gets them wrong and comes up with bizarre theories that are just stupid.

Vicky as a character is one you never warm up to, and actually I wanted to slap her round the face by the end of it. 
She wants to be an investigative journalist, but she is stupid, at the start it comes across as being naive so you forgive her slightly, but no, making the same mistake time after time makes you annoyed at her and you realise that she isn't all that bright.
She also thinks quite highly of herself, always thinking that the people she meets fancy her, which often leads to her overlooking vital things that the character has said.
She also has this weird obsession with her virginity, yes she is a virgin. I'm not even sure why this is bought up in the book, maybe Dennison was going for the shocking angle, but it neither shocked nor added anything to the book, well it did, every time she bought it up (which was a lot) I got annoyed as it was so unnecessary, and obviously Vicky the character is so self obsessed she thinks everyone is out to sleep with her, be it man or woman. 

So on top of an annoying main character, and a awful plot, the book isn't very well written at all. 
Dennison introduces way too many characters so its quite hard to keep up, and Vicky's constant theories that are all wrong also make it hard to actually know what is going on.
Also, I would like to point out that at one point in the book, Vicky tells her friend who is going out with her first cousin that it is ok and people who look down on it are old fashioned, erm no it's not alright love, pretty sure its illegal too...

I felt so let down by this book because it had all the properties of a book I would love, a female main character, a murder and a mystery and set in England, but unfortunately this book just falls flat on its face. It's quite a short book, but it took me about 3 weeks to read, which is how you know it was awful, I refuse to not finish a book though.

If, despite all my warnings you still want to get this book you can from amazon, where they have the cheek to sell it at full price for £4.65

I give this book 1/5

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  1. I don't know how you could finish it! It sounds terrible. I've no patience for bad books at all.