Saturday, 6 April 2013

Nescafé Café Menu Review

I have never been a huge hot beverages drinker, mainly because they don’t agree with me, but also because I’m not too fond of the taste. However, this has changed in recent years and I am finding I can have hot drinks in small quantities (I’m talking once a week, at the weekend when I’m at home just to be safe!) and that I am really starting to enjoy the taste.
I had started treating myself to a small flavoured skinny latte (3 Weight Watchers points) from Costa on a Saturday when doing my weekly food shop, but as you all know, Costa is not the cheapest habbit to have.

Then one day my mum bought these home, so I decided to try them out to see if they could become my weekly treat drink.
At just 73 calories for the vanilla flavour and 66 calories for the caramel flavour these make a great low calorie indulgent coffee (the amount of calories in a large starbucks with cream is quite terrifying) and these only come in at 2 Weight Watchers points each, which in my eyes is a massive bonus.

All you do is pour the contents of the satchet into a mug, add boiled water and stir. The satchet contains all the coffee, flavouring and milk so there is no need to add anything extra. These even get a thin layer of foam on the top like a coffee from Costa would making it look really authentic!
As with most things you prepare at home, these do not taste as good as something you could get in the shop, but they definitely make a nice alternative.

The caramel one smells a bit like crème brulle, and the taste of coffee is stronger in this one, it tastes how it says on the box, coffee with a shot of caramel.
The vanilla one is a bit more on the mellow side, the coffee taste is less strong in this one and the drink tastes a bit creamier. Surprisingly this one to me tastes the sweeter out of the two.
Both drinks are great and I really recommend them as a cheaper alternative to getting a latte in a coffee shop. My personal favourite is the vanilla one, but they both do a good job.
Has anyone got any good hot drink recommendations for me? I’ve gone a bit crazy in trying all the varities since finding out I can start drinking them again!


  1. Love the caramel one!

  2. These sound really nice!
    I don't like coffee with milk in so they're probably not for me though..

    Jesss xo

    1. Oh I wish I liked coffee without milk, so much better and good for giving you energy before a work out!