Sunday, 21 April 2013

Greetings from Florida!

If the titles isn't a complete give away, I'm currently on holiday in Florida!
I'm with my parents, brother and boyfriend and we are here for two weeks, it's so exciting!
I'm going to try and blog a little bit whIlst I'm here, but I can't promise anything because I might be too busy getting my picture taken with Mickey Mouse, but whilst I have a little bit of time I will share with you what we did on our first day.
Because I anticipated we will be up early because of the jet lag I decided we should go to Universal Islands of Adventure first thing in the morning so we can get Harry potter land done before the crowds start to build up.

The Forbidden Journey Ride is the one that gets very busy, with good reason, it's fantastic. 
Even the waiting area is brilliant. The queue takes you through Hogwarts castle and the detail is amazing, from the house points display to the talking portraits, it all adds to the charm of the ride and is a great replica of the settings in the film.
The ride itself starts off by Hermione charming the benches that you are sat on so that you can fly. You are then taken through all different parts of the hogwarts castle meeting lots of characters and creatures like dragons and dementors (which can get a tiny bit scary). 
The ride is a simulator so can make you feel a tad queasy  but technically it is very impressive.
If you are a Harry Potter fan then this is a must see, it really brings the books and films to life.

We then had breakfast in the Leaky Cauldron, another amazing themed restaurant, complete with pumpkin juice! 
The breakfast was a tad on the expensive side, but that is to be expected with eating food in the parks. I had the continental breakfast and the fruit was so fresh and juicy and it came with a lovely buttery croissant.

After breakfast explored the rest of the park, going on the Dragon Challenge roller coaster and Hippogriff roller coaster in Harry potter land, Dr Dooms Fear Fall ride, Spiderman simulator and The Hulk roller coaster in the marvel area finishing off by getting soaked on the Popeyes Bilge-Rat Barges ride in toonland.

By this point the jet lag had well and truly caught up with us so we went to Walmart to get some supplies then back to the house we are renting for a relaxing evening by the pool before heading to Chilli's for dinner and I discovered I quite like margaritas  especially if they are frozen and strawberry.
Hopefully I can update you on our time at the rest of the theme parks soon. Hope you are all having a great time too.


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