Friday, 8 February 2013

Fitness & Wellbeing Haul

As you may know, I have been doing weight watchers in a attempt to loose some weight and clean up my diet.
As well as improving my diet, I also want to improve other aspects of my life, including my fitness and well being. Having nice work out clothes always encourages me to work out even more and being in a good state of mind motivates me to work out too!
Here are the bits I got for my 'healthy mind, healthy body' attempt:

First up we have 3 pairs of shorts and a yoga mat.
One of the pairs of shorts is actually my mums as I've managed to talk her into going to a pole fitness class with me, which should be interesting....
I also picked up a yoga mat (pink of course) because I have wanted one for ages and now I am doing the 30 day shred, the abs section makes my lower back slightly sore because we have hard wood floors and this helps soften the ground, I have definitely noticed I can do the ab exercises better now I have the mat.

I also picked up a couple of sports bras because my current ones have seen better days.
Sports bras are essential if you don't want a saggy chest!
I'm not one to go for black, white or nude, I'm normally a pink girl so I thought green and red would make a nice change, and I'm not going to lie, I do love a bit of Amy Childs!

I got the two sports bras, 3 pairs of shorts, 3 tennis balls (not shown, for my dog Phoebe) and a yoga mat all for £50 from Sports Direct. Quite pleased with that bargain considering sports bras alone are normally £20! Oh, and the yoga mat was only £6!

And now for the well being part of this haul, because as you know, healthy mind healthy body!

I had to repurchase my Diptyque Ambre candle.
It may be £40, but for me it is definitely £40 well spent. 
I had a terrible day at work on Thursday and needed some retail therapy and this fit the bill perfectly. I light this candle, have a shower, then come back to my room which has been filled with this gorgeous scent, then I sit and knit and let the fragrance uplift and relax me. It really is therapeutic and I have not found anything that affects my mood this much.

I also repurchased my Nuxe Reve de Miel.
I was uhmming and ahhing over whether to repurchase this lip balm after finishing my last pot, but after a few days on the blistex my mind was made up and I had to get my Nuxe back.
It just leaves my lips feeling really hydrated and I wake up with nice healthy looking lips, and I don't feel the need to reapply my lip balm as often.

The last item of my haul is The Full Monty.
Bit of a weird one, but there is nothing like a great film to put you in a good mood and help you unwind.
This DVD was actually a surprise from my mum. We have been watching a lot of Once Upon a Time, and we both really like Robert Carlisle in it. I didn't particularly know who he was but my mum mentioned he was most famous for 'that stripper film' by which she meant The Full Monty.
After she learned that I had never actually seen it she made me search Sky Movies and Netflix, but it wasn't on either.
The DVD was a complete surprise and I can't wait to watch it. I am saving it as a reward for after I do my pole fitness class as I can imagine that will kill me!

So there we have it, my fitness and well being haul. 
What would you recommend for a healthy mind and healthy body?


  1. Nice haul, must admit I find Sports Direct the best place for my fitness garb now JJBs has gone.

    Our SD is a bit of a jumble sale though haha, gotta search for good stuff.

    Good luck lady :D xx

    1. I went to the one on Oxford Circus, it took me a while to fine the womens section, but it's great in there, I want to go back!

  2. Sports direct always has good deals, good luck with the fitness xxx

  3. You'll need to do another post about how the pole fitness class is, sounds like a laugh.

    P:S New follower, I got you off The Tattooed Tea Lady's 'Share the Love Post'.


    1. Oh god you should see the bruises! It was great though.

      And yay thanks, I love Sophia! x

  4. I found you on the featured blogger on Sophias blog :)

    I was just wondering how the 30 day shred was going? I plan on starting it -I've got the DVD just havent dared to open it yet aha! Is it really bad? Would you say its making a difference?

    Sorry for the million questions btw! haha

    Siobhan xxxx

    1. Ask away :)

      I have ended done the shred before (unsuccessfully) and always got to about day 4 before giving up. I had always decided to do it every other day to help give my body time to recover, I found it made me so sore afterwards so just end up giving up.

      This time I have been determined to do it, so I have been doing it every day, only taking one day off at a time because I know as soon as I have a break I'll loose motivation.

      It definitely makes a difference, if you google before and after photos you can see the success other people have had and its really encouraging.

      The workout is designed for the absolute beginner so anyone can do it, just make sure you don't over do it with the weights or you will really struggle and it will put you off, I use the lightest ones I have which is 1kg and still see a difference.

      Sorry for such a long reply! xx

  5. Hi. Great post! I just saw your other post over on Tattooed Tea Lady's blog and as soon as I read about you I knew I'd have to come and join your blog! We appear to have quite a bit in common :)

    I joined weight watchers in June 2012 and along with that also up-ed my fitness. You'll be pleased to hear that I reached goal weight in Novemeber WW really does work! I'm in maintenance at the moment which I'm finding OK but I've recently come back on WW as I felt I was slipping a bit!

    I too went out and bought a yoga mat today, so I can do some floor workouts at home, along with a nice new pair of joggers.

    Anyway I also do youtube...mostly beauty related and like you started up blogging after I got into making videos. They're fairly new blogs and don't have many followers atm but if you want to check them out feel free to :)

    Nice to meet you! Ellie x

    1. Thank you, Sophia is great isn't she :)

      Ah I always love meeting someone who has had success with weight watchers, I find it really encouraging!

      It definitely works, but it's quite a long process! Still it's a lot better than some of the fad diets that are out there that give a quick loss but only to be put back on again!

  6. Absolutely love The Full Monty. Classic Brit films never fail to put me in a good mood so I hope you enjoyed it. Lovely bog by the way - I found you after searching for Pixi Glow Tonic and will most definitely be returning x Becky

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