Thursday, 14 February 2013

Restaurant Review - Ladurée

Ladurée is a french patisserie mostly known for its macarons, and with good reason because they are gorgeous!
As well as selling their macarons, they actually have a tea room, and me and my friend decided to go treat ourselves to some champagne and afternoon tea. 


We went to the one in Covent Garden, where the tea room is upstairs.
It's pretty small, and even on a Thursday afternoon it was busy, so I can imagine it would be murders to get a seat at the weekend.
It was very pretty and Parisian feeling, it was done up in a shabby chic style and we sat on a long sofa that was shared with two other sets of diners, which would have been fine had the woman next to us not insisted on putting her bags up on the sofa, leaving very little room for anyone else.
The gentleman she was with was also on his phone constantly, not the thing you really want when you are trying to enjoy a nice evening with someone.

Obviously we had to get some macarons! 
We tried salted caramel, vanilla, rose and raspberry.
Salted caramel is like sex on a plate. That is all I can say about it really. 
All of the other macarons where delicious too, and eating a floral flavoured one is always interesting because it tastes just like how it smells.
If you haven't tried macarons I really suggest you try them, they may be expensive but they are very unique and delicious. My boyfriend pooh poohed them for ages, because he is such a cheapskate, however I bought us some for our 5 year anniversary and he is now converted. 

I also got some french toast, which was absolutely delicious. Very light and fluffy, without being too sweet or too heavy on the cinnamon, that I then doused in maple syrup anyway. Just looking at these pictures is making me hungry.
My friend also got the chocolate cake, which looked very elegant and decadent, it was topped with gold leaf!
It also had macaron layers in it, as well as chocolate ganache and a million other layers of chocolate. 
I was assured it was a great dessert for any chocolate lovers.

Whilst the food was delicious (and so was the champagne) it is quite expensive and the occasion was slightly dampened by the rude couple on the table next to us.
I would only recommend going here if you are trying to impress someone on a first date because it is lovely and intimate (as long as the other diners are considerate), or you have never tried macarons before because this is the best place for them. 
It is slightly too touristy to have a nice girly afternoon tea, although I still enjoyed myself. 

For more info about other locations, here is the site Laduree.


  1. Oh my goodness, everything looks so delicious! I love macarons, but there's nowhere to get them near me at the moment... I might have to try to make some. That's unfortunate about your seat-mates, though, how rude.

    1. I have tried to make some before, it turned out a disaster! It was my own fault though for getting caster and icing sugar mixed up...

      Good luck making yours, if you try it out I expect a blog post about it :)