Friday, 22 February 2013

Sock Yarn Haul

I have a bad addiction to sock yarn, I promise though, this will be the last batch! 
Well until I go to Florida. And not including the sock club I signed up to, whoops! Anyway...

First up we have the gorgeous self striping yarn, Mind the Gap from the dyer Trailing Clouds, who is a British dyer.

Mind the Gap is a self striping yarn with the stripes being the colours of all the different underground lines, so it has 12 colours in total! Pretty impressive.

As someone who has to catch the tube every day for work, I felt like I was very deserving of this yarn, despite the fact that I hate the tube.

The yarn is 75% British Bluefaced Leicester and 25% Nylon.
This is my first experience with a BFL, and it is definitely different to Merino. It is not as soft, but it feels like it is going to be very strong and durable, perfect for socks.

This yarn will be turned into a pair of vanilla socks to best show off the striping pattern.

Next up we have the very gorgeous Not Drinking Merlot by the lovely Knitty and Color.

I don't think the picture is doing the yarn justice. There is just so many gorgeous shades of deep purple.
The yarn is incredibly soft, its 80% super wash merino and 20% nylon.

This is some very special yarn, its so gorgeous and buttery soft. 
The colours are a lot more sophisticated then what I normally go for, there is no way this yarn can be wasted on a pair of socks that no one is going see, this is going to be turned into a shawl!

The order also came with a sample skein in the colour Crush Crush, which is a sparkle colour way, and the first sparkle yarn I have tried.
Another gorgeous colour and it definitely makes me want to pick up a full skein of sparkle yarn, it's just so pretty and girly, I'm surprised I don't own any yet because I feel like sparkle yarn is very me.

I got the Not Drinking Merlot to take part in the Two Tangled Skeins knit along, which will be my first.
It starts in March and as I have said I will be making a shawl. I am actually going to a wedding at the end of March so I would love to have it done before then, fingers crossed!

So there are my purchases, which will hopefully be my last for a while!
Having said that, my Knitty and Color order came with a discount code which makes another order so tempting...


  1. Awww such pretty colours :) I really want to get into knitting, i think i'm going to have to wait until i graduate though (which is a shame).
    Look forward to seeing the shawl you knit, goood luck!


    1. Thank you :) Good luck with starting! x

  2. Lovely yarns! Are you going to knit the wonderful rainbow yarn while riding the tube? That would be super cute! I hope you are well!

    1. Yes I think it would be rude not to.

      I have been super busy, but things are great thank you. Hope things are well with you too x

  3. Hello!

    Just a little post to say that I have nominated you for a leibester award. (:

    Amy xo

  4. Those are beautiful yarns, I love 'Not Drinking Merlot', might have to treat myself (she says while ignoring the pile of sock yarn she has already) ;-)