Sunday, 7 April 2013

Motivation Monday #1 Blogilates

I've decided to start a new mini series all about the people who inspire me to get fit and healthy.
First up in this series is the amazing Cassey Ho.

Cassey is a pilates instructor who runs her own blog, Blogilates, which she posts everything about healthy living, from cute workout outfits to great recipes like macaroons, which I have tried and this is a great substitute for the real thing. 

She also has a YouTube channel with over 100 free workout videos, which are something I have started doing a few times a week and really enjoy.
I find Casseys videos very inspiring and motivating, Cassey stands there with a huge smile on her face talking about random stuff which you just have to laugh at or you will cry with the pain.
My favourite series of workouts at the minute are her Victoria's Secrets workouts, she even has one called bombshell beauty so I think the title shows that she is up for having a bit of fun.

Cassey also has a second YouTube channel, BlogilatesTV where she talks more about food, answers health and fitness questions, vlogs and posts about her personal challenges. 
I love watching this channel too because it is so informative!

A bit silly, but another reason I love Cassey is because she is so feminine.
She has her own range of gym bags which are all pretty and girly, she also likes to wear cute clothes when working out because she talks about how if you look good you feel good and want to work out even harder. The best bit though, is that she has amazing nails too (I know, bit odd for me to notice) but considering she lifts weights her hands are still in lovely condition and she often matches her nail colour to her gym outfit, and even loves a bit of nail art, something I can definitely get on board with!

OK I think that is enough of me declaring my love for Cassey Ho and Blogilates, but seriously if you are looking for great free pilates based workouts check her out, she seems so warm and friendly, and she is in amazing shape which inspires me want to work out harder so I can eventually look like that too.

Let me know if you have any inspiring people you think I should check out!


  1. I did one of her videos before! It killed my abs!

    Worth it though!

    1. Yes! I have to stick to her beginners abs videos, have you tried her earthquake move? It's called earthquake because it makes your whole body shake haha.

  2. Oh man, she does look great! I know next to nothing about this whole world, I'm glad you'll be able to educate me. I've actually been thinking of trying something new for my workout. Do you have a problem where if you do the same kinds of workout sets a certain number of times that you become less motivated to do them. That's why I'm glad that there are so many resources.

    Do you know of anyone doing Ballet based workout videos?

    1. Sometimes I get demotivated, but classes like pole dancing and body pump I always look forward too, and I love Blogilates because she has 127 videos so there is plenty of variety!

      I don't now of any ballet based classes I'm afraid, I think they are quite hard to do without the bar, and they are only just getting big in the fitness world so I think it will be a couple of months before they reach YouTube! x

  3. I did one of her videos such a good workout!