Sunday, 30 September 2012

My lovely new wool

The other day I went into town with my friend. I am really lucky that I have a lovely wool shop in town so we decided to visit the wool shop, our local independent book shop which is also very lovely, then head into Cafe Nero for a nice milkshake and gossip.

I only intended to get some new needles in the wool shop, but then I saw this wool and fell in love with it. It's the King Cole Galaxy DK, the colour I got is called Mercury, which is a light grey. They had a really nice one that went from light to dark grey, they also had black in the shop. I've seen on Deramores that they do a lot of other colours, I have my eye on a plum and red which would be great for the Autumn.

The yarn actually has tiny sequins attached, I have tried to capture them in this photo, but my photography skills aren't all that... 

I have plans to use this to make a pretty beret from a pattern I have seen on ravelry, hopefully the finished project will appear on here soon!

The make up of the yarn is:
65% Acrylic
31% Wool
4% Soft Payette


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