Saturday, 22 September 2012

Book Review - Before I go to Sleep

This book was first recommended to me by my aunt, she was raving about it but I ignored her as we don't always have similar tastes in books.
I then saw it reviewed in the Heat magazine book section. I really like their reviews and have found a couple of great reads through them. They spoke highly of the book and really recommended it, so with that as encouragement I decided to download it onto my kindle.
So what did I think of it?

The book itself is a diary written by a woman who can retain information throughout the day, but when she goes to sleep at night she forgets everything.
As someone who has lived with a relative with alzheimer's, the subject of the book really hit a nerve. I couldn't imagine not waking up every morning and not knowing where I am, who the people around me are and not remembering huge chunks of my life.
The book is actually a thriller, which is another reason why I picked it up, I love a good book full of mystery and suspense, something this book quite easily creates because where she forgets her memory you often get the feeling that there is more going on then what she is told.
I have to warn you though that if you are tempted to pick up this book it is incredibly slow paced, as you can imagine having to read this women's diary as she rediscovers everything every day can become a bit tedious.
The book doesn't really get going until half way through, but the last quarter of the book is when it gets  to the point when you don't want to put it down.
Although the first part of the story is slow paced, it doesn't feel too much of a chore to read as the book is so well written and the subject matter is interesting enough to keep you going to make you want to find out more.
It also has a great ending, finishing at just the right point, well in my opinion anyway.

I would definitely recommend this as a read as its so interesting, and when the thriller aspect kicks in it does get nice and tense, just be warned it takes a while for this book to get going.

Score - 4/5.


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