Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The first thing I ever knitted

So this is the first thing I ever knitted!
It's a car seat blanket which I knitted for my pregnant friend (well she isn't pregnant now). I was in such a rush to get this blanket to her before she had the baby that I forgot to take the picture but luckily she sent me one on twitter of her using it (I've cropped out her gorgeous baby, just because he isn't mine to post pictures of all over the internet).
Its just a simple garter stitch blanket but it has a scalloped edge because I switched from a 3.25mm needle to a 8mm needle every 7 rows. Very simple, and a great beginner pattern but it looks like it was technically harder then it was! Although it did take me a month to knit...
The yarn I used was Rowan All Seasons Cotton which was lovely to knit with and also feels gentle against the skin. The blue doesn't show its colour truly in this picture, but it is a lovely bright blue, I was luckily enough to know before knitting this blanket that they where doing the nursery nautical themed. The yarn is 60 per cent cotton, 40 per cent acrylic and it is easy to wash which I thought was important when picking a yarn for a baby blanket. I hear those things are quite messy...


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