Friday, 28 September 2012

I went to Lush for the first time in a long time....

Before I get started I just thought I would mention that I worked for Lush for quite a few years. I won't say much about my time there, but I left for an office job last year and haven't looked back. 
After working there for so long I decided I wanted a bit of a break from the products after having overdosed on them for so many years. 
I still know a lot of the products, but I had seen their new product Fun being advertised and was very interested in it so decided to go to the old shop I worked in to check it out, and here is what I ended up walking out with: 

I got:
2 Dragons Eggs, which are bath ballistics that have a layer of bubble bar over them so they foam as well as fizz. Be warned though, this one has lots of glitter, but it turns the bath shimmery golden/orange, a bit like the dragons eggs in Harry Potter! Oh and its orange scented, not strongly so, its quite pleasant.
A Floating Island, which is a bath melt. This is probably one of my favourite Lush bath products ever, its so relaxing and creamy. It takes quite a while to melt as well so its nice and relaxing watching it float around. The scent is very hard to describe, its a bit marshmallowy, but not sweet, just very comforting and relaxing.
Sea Salt Spray, which is for the hair. I was going to get the Bumble & Bumble one but decided to opt for this one. It's cheaper (although the bottle is smaller) but it smells gorgeous! It has the same scent as Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner. My only issue with this product though is the spray bottle isn't great, instead of it being sprayed in a nice even mist, you just get clumps, so I would say spray into hands before then run through your hair. My friend who was serving me had used it in her hair that morning and it looked amazing. When we used to work together her hair was quite flat and thin but it looked gorgeous, shiny and voluminous so I wanted whatever she was having!
She then gave me a few samples, some of the new hair care to try because I have a really sensitive scalp and a lot of the old Lush shampoos (and most shampoos in general) never worked for me, but apparently these new ones are good for my hair type.
I got Fair Trade Honey shampoo, which has lots of honey and linseed in it, Blousey shampoo which has lots of bananas and Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner, which is also meant to be a hair perfume as well. The conditioner smells gorgeous, I definitely encourage you to smell it, its quite floral, I'm not sure about it being a perfume though. It's meant to be lighter then American Cream but heavier then Veganese. My friend who was serving me used the Fair Trade Honey shampoo and Happy Happy Joy Joy conditioner so they are definitely what I want to try out first!
Oh she also gave me a sample of Fun, which is what I originally went in for. I smelt them all and had a little play. Fun is meant to be a 4 in 1 product, you know the type that makes bubbles, you can wash with etc etc. I'm a bit sceptical about washing with it because none of the ingredients look that cleansing, but its fun to roll it into shapes and be a general child. The blue one I got is lovely, its lavender and chamomile so very relaxing. Definitely recommend going in and sniffing them all and having a play.

I had a great time going in Lush, it was full of nice new things and hopefully I will be able to pop up some reviews of the products I got to try.

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  1. I really like FUN, it's very good for shaving legs too! I have red so far but will be back for green and blue some time soon.