Saturday, 11 May 2013

Florida Series - The best steak I've ever had!

The best steak I ever had. That is quite a bold statement for me to make because my order whenever I go out to eat is always steak, cooked medium, chips and béarnaise sauce, but I can honestly say the steak and chips I had in Longhorn Steakhouse where head and shoulders above the rest, and to make sure this wasn’t just a one off, we actually visited the restaurant twice, and both times it was absolutely fantastic.

Longhorn Steakhouse is a chain with the same menu in all the restaurants. 
One of the things I love about the menu is that it explains all the different cuts, there are so many it can often be hard knowing what you would prefer so this is great at helping you decide what is right for you. It also explains the different ways it can be cooked, once again not something everyone knows and may be too embarrassed to ask about.

I went for the flat iron cooked medium as it is one of their smaller cuts and chips. A salad is also included in the price of your meal, as well as all the bread you can eat but I didn’t have either as I didn’t want to be full up before I tucked into my steak.

My first cut into the steak was a delight, it was cooked perfectly, and then the first bite, oh my I can’t even explain it very well. It was tender and juicy and packed so much flavour, to put my normal béarnaise sauce on this steak would’ve been to sin. I can honestly say this is the tastiest piece of steak I have ever had, and there was no gristly bits or lots of fat on the edge as I have experienced in other restaurants, and of course at home.
The chips, or fries should I call them were also delicious. Crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and not too salty.

For dessert I had the salted caramel cake, once again delicious, although in my opinion the salted caramel could’ve been a bit more salted, but I know that is not to everyones taste.
My brother had the s’mores chocolate brownie, which of course I had to have a bite of and it was great, a real chocoholic desert, and my boyfriend had the key lime pie which for a desert was light and refreshing, but also quite tart.
Everyone in my family really enjoyed their meal and agreed it was by far the best steak we have had.
Add to that the fact that the wait staff where fantastic too, and the price is pretty insane. It cost around $14 for a starter salad, 7 oz steak and chips, thats roughly £9. £9 for the best steak dinner of my life, are you shitting me?! The cocktails are around the $8 mark, but you can easily get 2 drinks out of them, beers are around $4 and bottomless soft drinks are $3.
If you are planning on visiting Florida and like steak, I strongly encourage you to visit this restaurant, and don’t make the mistake my boyfriend made on our first visit and order salmon!


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