Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Apps I like - RunKeeper

I have started running once a week and after trying and not enjoying couch to 5k I decided to give myself a bit more freedom with my runs, but I still wanted to track them. This is where RunKeeper
app has come in, and I absolutely love it.
RunKeeper is an app that you use to track and record your runs.
It tracks your runs by using GPS to see how far you have run and it even includes the elevations that you have run, which I think is fantastic!
On the main display when you are running you can see how far you have run, the total time you have run, and your current speed. I really enjoy seeing these stats as it encourages me to go a bit further/faster each time, and the on screen time counter is very useful for when I do interval training.

As well as being able to track your run, RunKeeper allows you to play your music through it, which if you are running, is most likely something you will want!
There is a number of set programmes for if you do like structure. These programmes range from beginners level, running your first 5k, to advanced levels like running a full marathon or getting a better time on your 5k.
As well as having RunKeeper on your phone, you can also access your RunKeeper account from your computer, meaning you can access your running information anywhere.
There is also a social aspect as you can add friends to see how they are doing and comment on their activity to keep everyone motivated.
RunKeeper also emails you if you get a personal best, something that I always feel quite proud of when I receive them!
The best thing about RunKeeper though, is that it is free! Honestly I have been so impressed with this app and have found it really useful for seeing my progress and helping me to learn to run (sounds stupid I know but we don’t all start off running for 30 minutes straight!). 
If you are a runner, or are considering taking it up then this is most definitely an app you should have on your phone.


  1. I hate running :( I am so bad at it, I wish I could do it as I know it's free and really good for you. This app looks amazing, I imagine it would be great to motivate you to keep going too xx

    Gemma ♥ |

    1. It's like everything, you have to practise to get good at it, but there is no point doing something you don't enjoy. Although saying that I have really learnt to love it recently, just need some really good music! x

  2. I've been getting used to running too, I got my 5k down to about 30 minutes which isn't awful. My friend showed me MapMyRun which lets you set up a run route online in your local area, I've found it great for making sure I do my 5k with out fussing over the app every few minutes. This Runkeeper looks very similar ^^ glad you're getting into it!

    1. 5k in 30 mins? That's fantastic! I wish I could actually do a 5k haha. Yea I have a friend who uses map my run and she really likes it. x