Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Florida Series - Health and Fitness Haul

As you know if you read my blog, I have been trying hard to loose weight recently, and we all know what goes hand in hand with eating healthily right? Yep, you have it, exercise!
When I work out I am normally just in a pair of ratty leggings and a boyfriends old t shirt that makes me look like a sack of potatoes, but after watching a load of Cassey Ho’s Blogilates videos, I decided to get myself some cute work out clothes so I can look good. My theory if I have cute workout clothes it will help motivate me to want to work out more. 
Here are some of the things I picked up.

I got these cute leggings from Pink by Victoria Secret. The pink pair remind me of something out of Grease and are full length, the lilac pair come to just below the knee for when it finally gets a bit warmer in the UK.

It may be TMI to show you pictures of the sports bras I picked up, but I thought I would show them anyway to remind everyone if you are working out you need to appropriate support, no one wants to be saggy before their time!
Both of these bras are also from Pink. I picked up the mint green one because I am obsessed with mint and coral at the moment, and I also got the grey one because I love the contrast of the neon piping, and the lace detail on the back is so cute!

I have also been obsessed with pole dancing since starting my course a couple of months ago. My beginners course has since ended and I have done a couple of private lessons to keep me going until I start my level 2 course next week. 
One of the things you quickly learn is that short shorts are a necessity, you need the exposed flesh to help grip the pole, so I picked up a few cute pairs to wear to the lessons. These will also be great for working out in in the summer, only in the privacy of my bedroom though!

Keeping hydrated is very important, so I picked up this cute pineapple water bottle, once again from Pink. It holds a litre of water so it’s great for when I am working out.
I also picked up the Stitch cup to take to work because all we have is tiny glasses that need to be refilled constantly. My Stitch cup is a pint so it’s a lot easier for me to monitor my water intake level, plus I love Stitch.

I also got a couple of tops to work out into, as nice as my new bras are I don’t think I want to be working out in just them! 
They are nice and light and airy to try and keep me cool when I’m extremely hot and sweaty.

And last but not least, we have probably my favourite purchase of all which is my Nike Flex trainers.
I got these in the Nike outlet, so they were heavily discounted. I love that they are so bright and girly, they are also very light with breathable material making them perfect for when I go out running with the dog. Now all I need is to find a matching lead for my dog....


  1. I love this post and I want everything - it's all too pretty and obviously functional too! Good luck achieving your health and fitness goals! I've just done a post on health and fitness myths that you might find interesting.

    Keep up the good work.



  2. Loving this haul! I think I need to do the same - I need a major fitness kick! I can't tell whether you're back yet or not, but I hope you're having/had a lovely time. x

    Lola & Behold

    1. I am back, writing these blog posts on my lunch break in rainy England :(

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