Thursday, 27 December 2012

Finished object - Orchids & Fairy Lights hat

I actually finished this hat a few weeks ago, but have only just got round to taking pictures of it.
It is the Orchids & Fairy Lights hat by Tiny Owl Knits.

I used Malabrigo Worsted in the colour Polar Morn.

The pattern calls for 4.5mm needles, but I went up to 5mm to get gauge.
I wish the hat was a bit slouchier, I think I could probably achieve that if I blocked it, but the thought of blocking terrifies me!

The pattern was very easy to read and was quite straightforward.

This is my first knitting project with cables and bobbles, it's also the first time I've used circular needles so I've learned a lot knitting this hat!

It took a couple of weeks to knit, and I had to concentrate a lot whilst knitting it.
 It wasn't difficult, there was just a lot going on with the cabling, that and a lot of the techniques where new to me so I had to take my time.

I love the way this hat turned out, and I would recommend it to anyone. I also love Malabrigo, its very warm and fluffy and I love the colour.


  1. It's so pretty! It looks great with your hair, too!

  2. I love her designs, they are always so imaginative! I definitely couldn't tell that this was your first time using circulars and doing cables/bobbles, it looks perfect! That must have been an exciting project for you too with so many firsts. I look forward to seeing your next project!

  3. I am very impressed. It is a beautiful intricate hat!

  4. It looks good! Well done, xoxo.

  5. Gorgeous hat!!! omigosh, now I just HAVE to make this! :) ;)

    1. Its a really fun knit! I plan to make another one for my cousin in turquoise.