Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Knitting Goddess Mini Skeins!

So I caved and bought more mini skeins from The Knitting Goddess.

As much as I love my multi coloured hexipuffs, I decided my blanket needs some more solid coloured puffs, so of course thats a perfect excuse to order some more adorable mini skeins. 

Here are the ones I chose: 

September Semi Solid Mini Skein Set (now sold out)

I know I said I was after more solid colours, but I saw this one on the site and couldn't resist!
This is actually my favourite set, they are all just so gorgeous and vivid, I think I actually gave a squeal when I unwrapped this one.

The mini skein sets are £10 for 7 mini skeins, and the base for the yarn is 75% super wash merino and 25% nylon. 

I love the variety mini skeins give you, and The Knitting Goddess yarn knits up lovely, I definitely recommend!

I am hoping to get my hands on some GnomeAcres mini skeins soon, but even when they come back into stock I would have to wait ages for them to be delivered, where as The Knitting Goddess is a UK company so I only have to wait a couple of days, win!

Do you know of anywhere else that does good mini skein bundles?


  1. I would have been excited too, look at those gorgeous colors! I think my favorites would have to be the yellow in the first photo or the red-ish one in the last photo. Those are going to make lovely hexipuffs without a doubt. I really love GnomeAcres yarns, I really want to place an order for sock yarn from them.

    1. Thank you :) I get way too excited by mini skeins.

      I am definitely going to make a big order from Gnome Acres when she opens her new shop, it has to be big to justify the postage right?