Sunday, 16 December 2012

Knitting Project Bags

I have often seen knitting project bags pop up in podcasts, and I often admired them but never got around to getting myself one, until even my nan piped up that I should get myself one to keep my knitting safe.

After spending ages searching on Etsy, and I mean ages because there is so much choice, this is the one I decided to go for.

It is an absolutely adorable gnome themed box bag. 
It has a red and white polka dot handle and the inside is polka dot too.
It has the most adorable bee charm for the zip, little details like this make the bag really special.
It also came with a handwritten thank you note which I always appreciate. It also came with washing instructions and a couple of business cards.

The bag is big enough to fit smaller sized projects in, such as hats and socks, but I even think I could fit my cowl in that I am currently knitting.
The stitching seems strong and it feels like it is very well made.

I got this from Stitched by Jessa Lu.
She posted it out quickly, it was a fair price and I didn't have to pay customs charges on it! I would definitely recommend ordering from her as she had loads of lovely designs.

After getting this bag, I decided I need one for my hexipuffs, especially as I mainly knit them when I'm travelling, so it would be stupid not to have one!

I got this one from John Lewis:

It's a pencil case and the fabric is designed by Pip Studio.
I love their designs and actually have a couple of their quilt covers. They are like a better Cath Kidston.
I love this pouch and its perfect for my hexipuffs.

I love both these knitting project bags and think they reflect a bit of my personality.
I can now take my knitting on the road with me in style.
I'm slightly worried acquiring new project bags may become a new addiction though....
Any Etsy shops you would recommend me checking out?


  1. Gorgeous! You made great picks and the fabric is so unique. I really enjoy seeing your favorite Etsy shops!

    1. thank you :) I'm loving Etsy at the minute!

  2. That is soooo cute! I love esty for things like this :)
    Wish I knew how to know
    Daniella x

  3. Oh my gosh, those little gnomes are so adorable! ...Ok, so I apologize for this in advance because this song will be in your head forever, but I have to share it now that I've seen that bag. Heehee. Enjoy.

    1. OMG this song is adorable. I listened to it before work and was a bit taken back, but its put me in the best mood :) Love gnomes.

  4. Thank you so much for the lovely review! I'm so glad you love your bag! :o))