Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Yarn Haul - Gnome Acres

I have been lusting after Gnome Acres yarns for quite a while, but have never managed to catch one of her shop updates, but when she moved from Etsy to her own shop in the new year she had a massive restock, so what better time to order from her! Here are the ones I limited myself to:

This one is Ninja Cupcake. It is a fingering weight in her House Gnome base which is 75% super wash merino and 25% nylon. It is super soft and squishy.
I think this is probably my favourite colour out of the ones I got, I absolutely love it. I have no idea what to make with this, but I think this will make a awesome pair of socks.
House Gnome is $21 for 100g.

Next up is Unicorn Freckles, which was her new colour way that she introduced with the shop update.
Another colour that I love! Well I love everything I got, but you know what I mean.
This yarn is a tweedy one, so it felt slightly softer then the House Gnome ones, which is hard to believe because the House Gnome is so soft as well. It's a fingering weight again, and I have no idea what to knit with this one too!
This is her Scruffy Gnome base which is 85% super wash merino and 15% donegal tweed.
The Scruffy Gnome base is a bit more expensive at $23 for 100g.

Being a Potter fan I couldn't pass up on some of her Harry Potter themed yarns.
This one is Bertie Bott's which I think is a perfect name for this colour.
Another fingering weight in the House Gnome base.
This one I actually have an idea for, I want to knit the Hermione's Everyday Socks. The yarn goes with the pattern which I love, and I think it will make some gorgeous looking socks. 
Gah I love looking at this yarn, there is so many gorgeous different colours in one skein.

The last colour I got is another Harry Potter inspired one, it is Polyjuice Potion.
The blue in this is so pretty and vibrant, and I love purple too so this seems like the perfect coupling of colours to me.
This once again is the House Gnome base, so yes another fingering weight!
For this yarn I'm thinking of making the Hogwarts Express Shawl. I love the look of that shawl and what would be more perfect then knitting it in Harry Potter yarn!

I am very happy with all the yarn I got from Gnome Acres, and despite it being shipped from America just after Christmas, it didn't take too long and the shipping wasn't too expensive, however I did have to pay custom fees which are around £17, which is quite pricey, so if you are making a order make it cheap enough that you avoid the custom charges or order a massive quantity, maybe a group order, to make the shipping and customs charge more worthwhile. 


  1. Oh my gosh, these are all GORGEOUS! Gnome Acres is on my list of yarns to try. I'm so happy for you! And I totally understand the lure of Harry Potter yarns-- I might see a randomly named colorway and think, "Oh, that's pretty." But call that colorway Luna Lovegood and I'm all, "OH MY GAWD IT'S LUNA! MINE MINE MINE!" :D

    1. Thank you :) I just think the yarns are so aptly named as well. I'm in serious trouble if I find a dyer who names her yarns after pokemon...

  2. You got some! Hooray! You picked out some gorgeous colorways too! I can definitely see the Polyjuice Potion (so cute!) working great for the shawl. It's too bad that customs was so expensive, it sucks particularly because that money could have bought another skein!

    1. Oh yay I'm glad you think it will work for the shawl, I have been umming and ahhing because I have seen some lovely socks made with it, but I do really want that shawl!
      Yea customs does suck, especially seeing as I've ordered stuff from the states before of equal value and not been charged it, it's really hit and miss if you are going to be charged.

  3. I have definitely been lusting after the Polyjuice potion colourway but they are all so lovely! I can't wait to see what you will knit with them. You choose some awesome colourways!

    1. Thank you! All her colours are amazing though, it was so hard to choose!