Sunday, 6 January 2013

End of month hexipuff count - December

I apologise that this post is a few days late, but I haven't had a chance to take any photos in natural light. Anyway, here are the hexis from December!

So this month I managed 8! 1 more then last month.
I may have managed 9, but my bag which I keep my hexipuff stuff in went missing for a few days over Christmas because I accidentally left it at my Aunts house.

I have to confess as well, I haven't actually woven in the edges, opps!

I love seeing the hexis all put together like this, it makes me excited for seeing the finished quilt and is definitely a motivator for when you feel like you are getting a bit fed up.

All the yarn used is from the mini skeins I got from The Knitting Goddess. The blue and red one reminds me of a football team, West Ham, not that I'm a football fan or anything, and the yellow ones remind me of Polly Pockets, although I'm not sure why?

This one has to be my favourite though:

It was bit of a surprise because in the mini skein it didn't look like much as its quite muted, but I actually love the colours and think it makes for some very pretty puffs. Reminds me of neapolitan ice cream too, yummy.

And here is where all the hexipuffs are living for the moment, in a reused Jo Malone box:

I didn't make my aim of 10 puffs, and considering I haven't managed to finish a single puff yet I think I will stick to a aim of 10 puffs for December.

Hexipuffs knitted in December: 8
Total hexipuff count: 15


  1. They look so cute, carry on girl! xoxo.

  2. Such a classy box for your hexipuffs, love it. They look so great, go you for finishing more than last month! I also totally get the lack of natural light problem, I can't say how many times that has prevented me from posting. It is wonderful to hear from you!